29 Oct Benefit for Nikko Jensen at Down Under Lounge - Omaha, NE
31 Oct Harney Street - Omaha, NE
03 Nov O’Leavers with Smoove and Bach Mai - Omaha, NE




Domestic Blend is an Omaha-based Soul/Pop/Rock band featuring five unique musicians who love sharing the stage together. Lead singer Brady Wells created the band in early 2016. Brady originates from Iowa, where he started teaching himself guitar and writing music at 19. After spending several years in Chicago and moving to Omaha, his singer-songwriter style began to transform. Bassist Matt Jones hails from Knoxville, TN, where he started playing bass at age 9. His southern blues roots influenced his distinct style that makes him one-of-a-kind on the bass. Lead guitarist Sebastian Lane grew up in Chicago, where he started playing music at the age of 3. Blues and rock are in his blood; music was instilled in him by his father, Jimmy D. Lane, and his Blues Hall of Fame grandfather, Jimmy Rogers, who played with the great Muddy Waters. His passion and commitment to every note make him a fierce blues guitar player. Vocal artist Ndzi Tante is a tasteful lyrists and soulful singer. His harmonies provide a colorful warmth, and he adds a hip hop essence with his clever raps and crisp delivery. Drummer Brandon Myers is the true backbone of Domestic Blend, straight from Colorado Springs, CO. His ability to groove in the pocket and tremendous stamina provide everything the band needs to get you up and grooving.